Many of you have been asking for a link for my two books which contain the same material but are in different formats my new Electronic Book for $3.51 or  for $12.95 a paper-back copy of my book Exploring Hospitality Management through Amazon.

My Free Basic Hospitality Library is on this site for Workers, Supervisors and Management to learn casually from as well.

Contact me by email on if you have any ideas for work.

Recently I decided to stop my membership area of this website – it was an experiment that did not work. If any of the handful of members I attracted feel that they have not had value for money, contact me on the email address and I will arrange for a refund. All subscriptions have been cancelled.

Anybody can enjoy this Learning within the Hotel Industry – Anybody that is, who wants to learn and stay within Hospitality; any worker, any supervisor, any manager.