“What are some of the challenges you face in your current Hotel position?” and if unemployed, or not currently working in a Hospitality position, what were some of the challenges you faced in your most recent Hotel position?” (read on or watch the video).

Issues are presented for those under the age of 25 years old – alphabetically and in no order of importance:

Lack of advancement opportunities was mentioned by more than 50 percent of all survey takers. Interestingly, managers felt differently.

Lack of mentoring. Twenty-five percent of respondents felt their Hotel offered too few opportunities to be mentored.

Lack of training. Inadequate training can leave employees frustrated and confused about parts of their job. In-house skills training was the most commonly available programs for workers.

Limited or not enough access to Technology. Twenty percent of Hospitality Professionals felt they had insufficient access to technology.

Not enough time with Hotel Guests. Twenty percent of Hospitality Professionals felt challenged by an inadequate amount of time spent with their guests – made worse by high levels of administrative tasks.

Poor organizational culture. Poor culture was cited by almost 40 percent of respondents, with the lack of opportunity to innovate and flexible work schedules being most often mentioned.

Poor personal fit with Manager. Almost one-quarter of respondents felt they suffered from a poor personal fit with their Line Manager.

Poor salary. Forty percent of hospitality employees believed poor salary was an issue within their jobs.

Too few staff. Perhaps occasional challenges of too few staff is unsurprising within our Hospitality Industry with its regular Peaks and Troughs?

Work overload. Forty percent of Hospitality workers felt that they were challenged by their work overload within their Hotel.

Tell me what you think about the thoughts I have presented?

My Research had only 100 respondents in an industry with over a hundred million workers worldwide, so it is only aimed to be a blog to think about rather than Powerful Global Research.

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