Chances are, there are a few great Hotel Supervisors in your Hotel that aren’t yet in managerial positions? (Read on or watch the video) Some of them may already take on the role without claiming the title, while others may show subtle signs that they’ve got what it takes to lead? What are real signs that a team member is ready to take on a Hotel Supervisory role?

They change their vocabulary from “mine” to “ours.” Going from being a Hotel employee to a Hotel Manager occurs when team members make this subtle change.

They prove they can manage themselves. One key indicator that a Hotel employee has really come into their own is when they require less and less time to manage.

They look out for others. If a Hotel employee is concerned for their co-worker’s success as much as their own on a group project, that’s usually a very good sign they are ready.

They take responsibility. A sign of a leader ready to take on a Hotel managerial role is the ability to take responsibility for themselves or a team of their workers.

They excel above expectations. The sign of a good Hotel Supervisor is when you naturally see them leading others in all their work–when they excel far above expectations in everything they are doing.

They’ve mastered their technical craft. Once team members have mastered their technical craft–but they are not yet bored–yet, they crave opportunities that bring new challenges.

They already manage around the Hotel without realizing it. Often, you will notice that they’re helping other employees with plans, giving advice or making the new intern feel welcome.

They show ingenuity. A great Hotel Supervisor is someone who not only manages existing tasks, but also takes initiative in creating or improving other tasks and processes for the benefit of the Hotel. They bring you solutions instead of problems.

They show ownership. One sign is that the employee regularly shows a feeling of pride and ownership in their work. Leading a team is about understanding the Hotel and understanding how the assets available to you can help.

They’re proactive. When I find team members proactively asking questions to improve their output to the Hotel, that’s when I know they’re ready.

They actually want a Promotion. It’s very simple. The most important sign is that they want to be in a managerial role and they ask for it.

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