How should a Hotel Manager behave through-out their Shift? (carry on reading or watch the video)

From my Observations over 25 years there are a range of behaviours Successful Hotel Managers often perform on a daily basis.

12 ways to start your day like a Successful Hotel Manager:

  1. Take two minutes to breathe, pray, or be thankful before you get in the shower.
  2. Don’t check email or social media until you’re in your Hotel. Save Hotel Work until you are in the Hotel.
  3. Get ready to show up. Show up optimistic, courageous and caring.
  4. Write down one thing you will get done today apart from deal with Guests and your Staff.
  5. Smile at the people around you.
  6. Walk around your Hotel talking to people.
  7. Believe in the people around you. Remember their strengths.
  8. Make yourself available in your staff room.
  9. Don’t expect Staff to over-perform. They are not Super-Heroes.
  10. Do your Fair Share.
  11. Say Sorry.
  12. Say Thank you

Don’t Forget peak performance is built on rest. Exhaustion breeds discouragement and fear.

How might Hotel Managers END their day well?

Do Not Forget it is worth some thought?


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