Success is not Final, Failure is not Fatal: it is the Courage to continue that Counts, Winston Churchill famously said. And no-where is this more true than a Hotel (carry on reading or watch the video).

Hotel work is Hard Work. An ability to work hard and the ability to get on with everyone in the Hotel is critical to success. Building the following Skills is important ….

Speaking wisely The words you use can be incredibly important and can allow others to understand you much better and create less confusion. Practice speaking to others – ask for feedback.

Being Flexible Understanding differences of opinion with others and making appropriate adjustments is a core skill to develop.

Listening carefully Improve this by asking questions in order to clarify, using eye contact, nodding while listening and using expressions such as “I see” or “I know” while the other person is talking.

Taking Responsibility when needed It can be too easy to push responsibility onto others or blame others for how things progress negatively.

Using Body Language positively Smiling, eye contact, an appropriate posture, a suitable tone of voice; are all ways in which you use your body to convey positive communication? Come across more friendly and trustworthy.

Using Humor when appropriate Reacting positively with laughter or seeing the lighter side of a conversation (even if you are bored and tired) can allow the conversation to flow more easily. Never be offensive.

Controlling your Emotions People react to situations in different ways but learn to deal with emotions in a suitable way. What might be appropriate one shift may not be suitable tomorrow.

React positively to any feedback: even if it’s negative. Feedback is always an opportunity to improve yourself rather than a reason to take offense.

Compromise: Don’t approach every situation with the intention of achieving precisely what you want. Be ready to compromise and see other people’s perspectives.

Retain a Positive Attitude: People are more likely to react positively to positive people. Positivity attracts positivity and the same applies to negativity.

Separate the people from the problem: When negotiating, focus on maintaining a good relationship. Always. This way, you can limit disagreements and hostility.

Assertion: Developing good assertion skills means being able to maintain your line of thought in a discussion in a positive and calm way. It does not mean becoming aggressive or being a bully.

And what I consider to be the most important skills during your first 36 months as a Hotel Supervisor ….

Do not let Tensions turn into Conflicts. With Customers, Work colleagues or your Manager. Understand the different perspectives of others and don’t make assumptions or dismiss how they see things ….

Oh, and of course being able to carry out the job you are being paid for!

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