Have you ever wished that you had a Simple Plan to help you better yourself? No Long periods of Reading. No Long periods of writing. A Plan suitable for every Hotel Job-title. It doesn’t get any more straight-forward than this. No Costs. No tricks. Over the next few pages I will recommend Tips for Personal Development that will make you a Better Hotelier … Go on think about it … (read on or watch the video)

Tip 1: Do something for someone else. Practise doing Five-minute favours for other people. A selfless act of giving, without asking for anything in return from the people that you help.

Tip 2: Think about what it is like to be someone else in the Hotel. If you work in Housekeeping, truly think of Reception and if you work in the Restaurant think of the Kitchen?

Tip 3: Discover your purpose Remember your purpose is not to work long shifts for 30 years then retire – think daily about What impact do I want to have on the lives of others? And Whose life did I serve and make better?

Tip 4: Stop getting ALL the attention Let other people have all of the glory. Practise shining the spotlight on someone else and let that person be seen, heard, respected, and considered special – it will be enjoyable.

Tip 5: Stop striving to achieve. All Hoteliers work too much. We consider that if we don’t do something productive every day, we’ve somehow failed. Slow down and appreciate other priorities in your Life.

Tip 6: Learn to Say “No”. Truly effective Hotel Managers don’t take on more than they can handle. If something doesn’t fit in with your values, and if it won’t get you into trouble – just … say … no.

Tip 7: Exercise Patience. Patience is a virtue I wish I had learned to practice earlier on in my career. Frequently – Relax, take a deep breath, and consider that perhaps they have a real reason for behaving in that manner.

Tip 8: Accept the wisdom of other people you know. If you’re a smart person (and I trust that you are since you’re reading this list), spend more time with wise people, and frequently learn something new from them.

Tip 9: Learn to reach out first after an argument rather than cut off the person from our lives until they reach out to us with an apology. Learn to be the first one to reach out and apologize.

Tip 10: Learn to be Grateful. List three new things you are grateful for every day. If you carry this short exercise out frequently you train your brain to be optimistic.

Tip 11: Deal with problems you’ve been neglecting. By facing what you have been avoiding, you’ll build resilience to deal with future problems seamlessly.

Tip 12. Express kindness Take two minutes each day to write a positive email or thank someone you know. And do it for a different person each day. Not weird – positive.

Tip 13: Write about one positive experience every day Spending two minutes daily writing about that positive experience will allow your brain to relive it and teaches your brain that the behaviour matters.

Tip 14: Practice looking at people in the eye, smiling and saying hello. Starting today, treat colleagues and customers with the kindness and respect they deserve.

Tip 15: Pursue an activity that brings you peace. Get involved in an activity that’s enjoyable; think hobbies, nature, friends, or exercise. Every day I walk slowly around my town or park. What will bring you peace?

Bonus Tip – Take some quiet time alone to reflect. For 30 minutes, remove yourself from the noise and busyness of Hotel life. This little ritual makes the rest of your day seem manageable. You’ll notice a difference.

Write your Plan based around what you have just read and the strict rules you currently impose on yourself. And then whether you plan to introduce your changes over a month or over a year, put your new rules into practice! No Long periods of Reading. A Plan suitable for every level of experience. No Long periods of writing? A Plan suitable for every Job-title. It doesn’t get any more straight-forward than this. No Costs. No tricks. Go on think about it…..

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