You would be surprised at how few Interviewees think about the following Crucially Important areas when going for an Crucially Important Interview at a Hotel (read on or watch the video):

Wear the Right Outfit Make sure you know what the dress code is for the Hotel. One good idea is to check before the interview.

Bring Copies of Your Résumé Although you’re sure the Hotel has your résumé, it never fails to bring copies of your Cv.

Have a Nice Folder for Your Résumé Just so your résumé doesn’t look like something scruffy, keep it in a professional-looking folder.

Remember the Appropriate Body Language Be aware of your posture and eye contact to impress your interviewer. Remember to sit still and straight and don’t fidget.

Give Strong Answers to the Questions This could be the area that could ruin your performance. Be honest and give real answers. Here are more tips on how to answer the question. Pay attention throughout the interview, so you’ll have questions related to what the hiring manager talked about. This shows that you’re actively listening.

Be Slightly Early Turning up five to 10 minutes early is ideal for interviews. Showing up too early can make things awkward and showing up too late is a bad idea. Plan to be near the interview a lot earlier than when it starts to account for unexpected delays like traffic and hang around in a nearby coffee shop until it’s close to the interview time.

Send a Thank You Note Always send a thank you note after the interview. This is something that’s appreciated by a lot of recruiters.

Don’t Think the Interview Is Over Until You Walk Out the Door The interview will continue until you walk out the Hotel door, so be careful of your behaviour and your words even when your hiring manager is done with the questions. Be polite when you are making casual conversation on your way out and be nice to other staff.

Don’t Get Too Relaxed Your interviewer can seem like your long-lost Friend, but… they are not. And you shouldn’t treat them like one. It’s OK to be friendly, but you’re still trying to make a good impression.

Be Prepared This should be obvious, but research the Hotel and the Organization thoroughly. This is so you can craft your answers to fit the kind of candidate they’re looking for and show that you’re diligent and have done your homework.

Do Not Address Salary or Benefits Until the Interviewer Does They are very important factors for you, but hold off until you get the job offer. Your interviewer wants to see what you can do for the company, not what’s in it for you.

Never Lie Never, ever lie. Being found out will ruin your chances of getting the job; if you make up something, you may not be able to talk at length about it. Honesty is the best policy!

And finally, Never Talk About Your Problems The hiring manager does not want to hear about your dozens of problems, and although you’re being honest, do not do it. You will be hired based on your qualifications, potential for success, and your fit with their culture. Everything else will be secondary to those factors.

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