If you do not have a basic plan, it will never happen. So here is a basic Plan …. (carry on reading or watch the video)

Step 1 Look for the Jobs When you have decided to show an interest in a job ask for a Job Description and Person Specification. Do not consider jobs that you are not ready for yet.

Step 2 Make a decision to Apply or Not If you decide to consider putting in an application for a position – carry out research into the Company and the place of work.

Step 3 Assess the Job From the Job Description and the other information about the Organisation – What are the 25 things that you consider to be important to the Organisation and the Role?

Step 4 Write your Answers For those 25 areas write answers as to how your skills and experience match those needed for the job. You will soon see whether you are ready for the job yet? Use numbers and facts for each area whenever possible.

Step 5 Submit your Application Using your single page (double sided) Curriculum Vitae and single sided application letter apply for the role. Once again use Numbers and Facts to generate more interest in your Application. Always use the best quality paper that you can afford.

Step 6 Improve your Answers If you are offered an interview – improve your answers. Introduce content that supports causes or brands they care about. Introduce interesting facts about you which increase your credibility and your audience’s perception of your success.

Step 7 Practise answering interview questions This means telling the story truthfully for the questions that you might be asked with a friend or family member and as clearly as you can. Critically analyse the words you use.

Step 8 Attend Interview. You know the score here – perfectly dressed – mobile phone switched off – arrive early – early to bed the night before – proper breakfast etc. etc.

Step 9 Send a Thank you letter to the person who Interviewed you. Allowing them to remember you and maintain the relationship.

Now Really Think About It. Good luck.

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