I now know the Best New Hotel Managers are the ones that admit they know nothing and accept advice and guidance …. (read on or watch the video)

I have told you that my early days as a Hotel Manager were horrendous and I was left on my own to care for hotel guests far too early on in my career. But I did learn some of the most important lessons really early on in my career – both regarding Hotels and Management.

The first hour of my first shift in charge sticks in my mind. The Hotel Power went down. The General Manager and Operations Manager were away on holidays. Our telephone system broke. The day got worse from there….

But, it was fantastic to plan to meet my Hotel Guests in the near dark. It was fantastic to lead my Hotel Team to arrange emergency lighting, as a man in his early twenties. It was fantastic to organise my staff and have them trust me. And it was fantastic to finally have control over a multi-million pound sterling business when I was not used to ever having more than twenty pound sterling in my pocket.

I had an unbelievable day – it really was everything that I had worked for up until that day.

I got shouted at twenty times for mistakes someone else had made last week. And, it was heart-breaking for someone to come and scream at me when I had turned up early, got everything organised and did my best throughout the day and night. Oh well, that’s Hotel Management – I just needed to learn to live with this or leave before I lost my mind.

But I did Learn quickly that the worst new Hotel Managers would be the ones who would refuse to acknowledge that they had any knowledge deficits and spoke rudely to their staff, who were trying to point out where they needed help. And annoyed their guests and staff.

At the same time Learning that the best new Hotel Managers would be the ones who confessed they knew very little in their new career and openly asked for, and graciously accepted advice and guidance. And became a Successful Hotel Manager.

As I write this, now a Blogger and Author, I empathise sincerely with my younger colleagues beginning their journey as Hotel Managers and Supervisors and I am thankful to those who helped me at the beginning of mine.

Happy New Year to all of you and Good luck.

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