Sawyers Laws of Hotel Managers’ Behaviour

I have decided to tell you about my own Hotel Management Laws from my own experiences that suggest How Hotel Managers behave in and around their Hotels unless their own Managers or other Stakeholders prevent this behaviour (read on or watch the video).

All Hotel Manager Experience All of the Laws at some point in time and in no particular order……

  1. Hotel Managers always try to use their experience even if it doesn’t apply to the current situation.
  2. If someone is brought in as a new manager within an Hotel, then the new manager will feel obliged to make changes. Otherwise, what value is the manager contributing?
  3. If a Hotel Manager doesn’t know how to improve an Hotel, then he/she will change it to look like the last Hotel that he/she remembers.
  4. Either things in an Hotel will get better or things will get worse. If things get better, then the Hotel Manager will be rewarded, regardless of whether the manager is responsible for the improvement.
  5. Sometimes things in an Hotel get a little better before they get a lot worse. If the Hotel Manager is lucky, then he/she will be promoted to a better job before things start to get worse. Of course, then the cycle will start all over again.
  6. If a Hotel contains multiple similar Managers, then they will always be compared, the good Hotel Managers will get worse as a result of the comparison, and the bad Managers will get worse as well.
  7. Rarely, a new Hotel Manager will actually ask the employees what should be improved? If the employees understand how their effort contributes to the Hotel Manager’s overall performance, then they will undoubtedly provide a better answer.
  8. Sometimes the Hotel Manager will hire a consultant. The consultant will then ask the employees what should be improved, and the result will be put into a PowerPoint® presentation, then ignored by the Hotel Manager.
  9. Good Hotel Managers will continue to get better until someone in a higher management position decides they’re not good enough. Then they’ll get worse.
  10. Bad Hotel Managers will continue to get worse until a new Hotel Manager tries an idea which should have been obvious from the beginning.

Remember Every Hotel Manager Experiences All of the Laws at some point in time and in no particular order…… the only individual difference between individual Hotel Managers’ experiences is the length of time that the Cycle takes: Hotel Management can be a funny thing!

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