Whether you are a Hotel Supervisor already, you want to become one or you manage them – today I provide for you my opinion as to what they are or should be in a 250 word blog (carry on reading or watch the video).

Roles and responsibilities vary by work department and Hotel, but in common – A Hotel Supervisor is a front-line manager in a Hotel.

Rather than managing an entire division or department; a Hotel Supervisor often leads an area for a single shift at a time, overseeing the activities of a work group during that work shift.

A Hotel Supervisor’s role is primarily, Coordinating Shift Activities. Often this shift leader is a hands-on hotel management role; assigning roles to each worker and then taking on responsibilities themselves.

Overseeing Workers is another key role of the Hotel Supervisor – managing worker productivity when other Hotel Managers are not around; he or she also addresses any employee conflicts that arise during the shift.

Sales Management might often be the role of the Hotel Supervisor – however this is not a significant role in some Hotel Departments. Shift Supervisors may buy emergency supplies when needed.

Finally, Monitoring Equipment and Supplies is often a Hotel Supervisor ‘s responsibility along with maintaining a clean and safe work area, continuously.

Perhaps the shift leader begins their shift by inspecting areas, equipment and supplies to ensure workers can adequately complete tasks. Hotel Supervisor’s would also have a quality responsibility for whatever takes place during a shift.

See a Hotel Supervisor’s job is as simple as that!

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