Pressure to get more work completed by your Hotel Manager – when you already have lots of work to look after – just stresses you out and drains your energy right? (read on or watch the video)

But there are Three ways to get more work done in the Hotel:

Practically speaking, there are only three ways to get more work done around the Hotel.

  1. Improve proficiency. Shorten the time it takes to do your work through mastery, systems, or software. Proficiency enables you to do in hours what took days in the past.
  2. Eliminate the less meaningful work. Stop doing the things that matter less so you can focus on things that matter more.
  3. Give work away. Get someone else to do some of your work. Give some work to a competent other.

From checking your phone to looking out the window and hanging about in the kitchen, there’s a long list of things we do in the Hotel when we’re really meant to be working. But what harm can a few minutes of distraction really do? Well, according to one expert, quite a bit.

During our Hotel workday we tend to fill moments of boredom with pointless errands like scrolling through social media or making cups of coffee, but as it turns out doing so could seriously harm your ability to get your work done in the Hotel.

This is simply because while becoming distracted we may seem like it only affects us for a few seconds, but in reality it contributes to a substantial reduction in productivity and affects our ability to deal with the most challenging kinds of work – otherwise known as “deep work.”

So, what can you do to avoid constant interruptions throughout your day within the Hotel? Try scheduling breaks for distractions as this will allow your brain to deeply focus on the hotel work and, in turn, generate better productivity through-out the rest of the day.

Similarly, setting a specific time to complete a task will discourage distractions and help you get the most out of “deep work” sessions.

If that doesn’t work you might need to delete all traces of social media and the use of mobile telephones during your work day. While this might sound drastic, abstinence of social media is the best way to clean up your work day and become more productive.

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