Great Leaders like Gandhi, Lincoln, Churchill and Martin Luther King, have had an impact that has been unsurpassed in our era. But even these Great Leaders had vulnerabilities, like the Greatest of our Hotel Leaders, which reminds me that they were all still only human after all.

Today I would like to share with you what I think are the 4 greatest ‘gifts’ these Great Leaders gave to others; which of course means you can apply these ‘gifts’ to your work in Hotels – being a talented leader yourself.

They Enabled others to shine and were masters at putting others in the spotlight; they allowed others to shine rather than stealing their moments of pride and accomplishment.

They Didn’t dwell on the negative Unlike many political and corporate leaders, these great leaders recognised the importance of being positive unlike many others. They focused on future possibilities and opportunities, optimising the very best in people.

They Set a powerful example for others to follow These leaders demonstrated through curiosity, continuous learning and optimism, that leading by example will create a strong, durable legacy over followers and society at large. This of course involved inevitable self-sacrifice.

They had the courage to follow their convictions Each of these leaders were without a doubt, incredibly courageous. In fact, they were willing to put their beliefs that everybody should have equal rights and freedoms before their own rights and freedom.

Too many Hotel leaders today are afraid of doing the right thing; rather, they end up chasing short-term profits at the expense of longer-term growth and betterment of society.

Leaders like Gandhi, Lincoln, Churchill and Martin Luther King are few and far between, but we have been privileged to have benefited from their great wisdom, character and inspiration, however, yet we now need to work hard to ensure their invaluable lessons stay fresh.

If we do this, our Hotels could be much better places – a place of tolerance, mutual respect, curiosity and appreciation of diversity.

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