We often talk about the impact of strong leaders and how they use good management skills positively to impact a Hotel in various ways – but we rarely talk about the problems that are often created by bad Hotel Managers (carry on reading or watch the video).

The following are four significant problems that occur in Hotels when Bad Hotel Managers are employed:

Hotel Problem 1: Creating Fear Bad managers threaten an employee’s job security. Scared workers will even use company time to look for a new job. Even if they don’t, their morale will be reduced, and they’ll stop trusting and respecting the Hotel Management Team.

Hotel Managers who assign blame, withhold information and communicate vaguely help to create fear. They refrain from showing compassion and appear unapproachable. Bad Hotel Managers are unpredictable which in turn creates fear.

Hotel Problem 2: Creating a Negative Work Environment When Hotel Managers create fear within their Hotel, they create a negative working environment. In a negative work environment Hotel Workers suffer from anxiety and stress – they are simply not going to work well.

Aspects of a bad workplace leading to such an environment include inconsistent policies, favoritism and a lack of Hotel Managerial presence. Hotel Managers who rule from an Office create a feeling of isolation and elitism helping to create this negative work environment. Mutual respect and trust between all Hotel Departments and levels within the Hotel will never be established.

Hotel Problem 3: Avoiding Recognition When employees are not recognized for their accomplishments or are only criticized for their weaknesses, they don’t feel valued and work in a state of fear of making a mistake. This is a common problem.

When Hotel Workers aren’t recognized, they aren’t motivated. Bad Hotel Managers make little effort to actively let Hotel Workers know they are valued. Hotel Managers should provide guidance to their workers on improving weaknesses but whilst also celebrating those Hotel employees’ strengths and accomplishments.

Hotel Problem 4: Running Bad Meetings Most Hotel Meetings are major wastes of time with little benefit. Hotel Meetings are often viewed as an anxiety for staff, who usually have to stop their more important work to focus instead on summarizing projects and presenting new ideas or sharing opinions in a wasteful Hotel Meeting.

Hotel Meeting Management can involve Technology more today. Also identifying more clearly which employees must attend – don’t pull in a whole department to discuss a project run by a handful of specialists. Those who aren’t directly involved will most likely stare off into space and feel anxious about getting back to their other workload.

As a good Hotel Manager you have the strength to be regularly asking your staff what they think you do well and what they think needs to be improved? And so, none of these issues will be a problem for most of you reading this post today.

Of-course there will be a few Bad Managers amongst you who will not want to do that …

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