Only 5 Basic Parts of the Hotel Customer Service? (carry on reading or watch the video)

In a Hotel, a transaction takes place called a Service using resources, skills, ingenuity and experience in which often no physical goods often transfer hands; sometimes physical goods are exchanged as part of their Service as well, for instance the Restaurant with its Food – but even then, it still relies most heavily on the non-goods part of the Service.

Our Hoteliers rely on only 5 basic factors for them to achieve their Service. Service Providers. Equipment used to provide the Service. Physical facilities. The Service Consumers – the Hotel Guests themselves. And finally, Customer contact.

This Customer contact is when the service encounter is the most intense – perhaps when we see the Service as taking place? Any such experience provided is perhaps unique?

Any traditional Hotel Service Experience needs at least two people. Perhaps technology will take over more of these experiences in the Future? Only time will tell ….

Never forget that many of our Hotel Services might only need a single customer; but remember it might need many dozens of staff for our Hotel Service to happen successfully?

Back to that Restaurant Diner. Perhaps eating a meal on their own. That Service Experience is reliant on dozens, perhaps many dozens of staff. Front Office, Chefs, Stores, Porters, Accountants, Housekeeping, Managers of every types and level, Kitchen Porters, Waiting and Bar Staff. And these were just the first 10 I could think of….

We must all remember that when-ever any Service Experience takes place in every Hotel Department it is critical to think about the 5 fingers of the Hotel Service to ensure how successful the Hotel is at generating money and the money you get paid – Always.

Look after each and every part you play in each and every Service Experience carefully.

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