While it’s important to know “What Hotel Managers want from their Hotel Employees?” and “What Hotel Employees want from their Hotel Managers?”, it is just as vital, but slightly harder, to understand what Hotel Employees do not want from their manager? (Read on or watch the video)

And maybe Different employees DO NOT WANT different things from their Hotel Managers … do YOU want a Hotel Manager who stops by with a “How are things going?” every couple of hours? Or would you prefer never to see your Hotel Manager apart from once a year at the performance review? Surely, it’s impossible to know exactly what your staff want from you?

I read some more Interesting Research this week with some somewhat surprising findings.

  1. Only 3% of Hotel Employees want their Hotel Manager to be a friend. As in parenting, it’s more important to be a leader, mentor and example than a friend.
  2. Only 14% of  Hotel Employees want to have interesting conversations with their Hotel Manager.
  3. 24% of Hotel Employees say they want their Hotel Manager to “care for them.” That doesn’t mean you have to be cold and detached, but most Hotel Employees aren’t looking for care from their Hotel Manager.
  4. Emotional support. 25% of Hotel Employees want emotional support from their Hotel Manager. Hotel Employees typically look for that among co-workers rather than a Hotel Manager.
  5. Only 28% of Hotel Employees want a cheerful or happy Hotel Manager. They’d rather respect you than like you.

Surprising? These Traits are important to understand, but they don’t apply to every employee. That’s why it’s best for Hotel Managers to understand what each individual Hotel Employee wants and then try to full-fill those needs. In the end, more satisfied Hotel Employees stay and work in the Hotel longer, are more loyal, do better work and make a Hotel Manager’s job much easier.

But Remember Everybody likes being offered praise—when it’s due. And like their Managers letting co-workers know. Recognising a job well done is free, but it will mean a lot to your employees.

And Remember Everybody likes to work for a great leader, Hotel Employees will work harder to do a good job for them. Employees under poor leadership will simply leave the Hotel.

And Remember Always Keep workers engaged. Bored Hotel Employees are neither happy nor productive. To keep your Hotel Employees engaged and satisfied, present them with challenging assignments and opportunities to grow and develop?

Perhaps Stop Conducting a Performance Review – where nervous Hotel Employees believe they are at Risk; Conduct a “STAY” interview to get feedback, compliment high performers and inspire Employees to do more. Use these interviews to gauge how well you are meeting employees’ needs. Seek out their suggestions on what you and the Hotel can do to improve?

Perhaps these ideas hold up what-ever level you are working at in within Hospitality Management or what-ever Department you find yourself working in? Tell me what you think?

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