As you go through your Hotel Shifts and work toward your dreams, discovering who you are and who you want to become remains important to your success. Becoming who you want to be is not easy – it can require bravery, perseverance and a real belief in yourself …. (read on or watch the video)

To motivate yourself on your Dreams, here are five thoughts to consider when aspiring to become the Hotel Supervisor you wish to become

Be True to Yourself  You cannot grow in your Department if you are not true to yourself. You have to be honest with yourself about what you are passionate about and who it is you really want to be in the Hotel, despite critics and those that do not believe in you.

Have a Dream People often fail in a Hotel because of a lack of a Dream. Without understanding who you want to be today and next year, you will not know where or how to aim for it? Keep your Dream at the top of your mind as a motivation to push yourself forward in the Hotel.

Grab hold of that Dream tightly You might have moments when you want to give up because you just can’t keep fighting all the challenges and setbacks you come across where you work. But you have to hold on tightly to your Dream and push on through within your Hotel – realising you really do personally have everything to reach your Dream.

Delete all self-doubt Most people settle for less. That’s when that self-doubt has ruined your Hotel Dreams. You might have moments when you no longer believe in your Supervisor dreams — you have to push aside those moments, people and your own self-limiting beliefs. Always move forward. However long it takes.

Keep the Faith So no matter how discouraged you might get at times, during those lowest of shifts, you must know that if you can dream something, then you will always have everything in you to make it come true. You just have to believe in yourself and your abilities to achieve what you set your mind to.

There will be moments when you might want to give up on yourself and your dreams. You must believe success is possible, You can become that Hotel Supervisor.

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