Do you remember that Hotel Manager who taught you to fold your first Napkin or the person who taught you How to Check-in your First Hotel Guest? Top and Tail a Mange Tout or Make your First Bed? Of course you do? (read on or watch the video)

The Best Hotel Managers make their staff want to stick with it….even during those toughest of Marathon-shifts.

Below, are the six things the Greatest Hotel Managers do to motivate and teach their teams—whilst also knowing when to give them space to do their best work?

They communicate their Hotel’s culture and a love for Hospitality. The best Hotel Managers want their employees to be as passionate as each other as they build their Hotel together. Both need a dedication to their cause.

They understand the Hotel Manager’s job. They know their job isn’t just to deal with Emergencies, it is also to put a spotlight on good ideas around the Hotel too. They remember their teams are looking for guidance. Sometimes people need advice or ideas and don’t even realize it.

They make sure their Hotel Staff feel valued. The Best Hotel Managers create an environment where their Hotel Employees feel that their opinions and contributions are valued. They genuinely believe that the employees who are the most highly engaged will do the most to ensure the success of their teams and their Hotel.

They give up their “Fear of Missing Out”. In every aspect of their work-life Good Hotel Managers give up some of the responsibilities they have to allow their team members to learn and grow in their roles.

They encourage their team members to ask themselves questions.  “What am I learning? Am I growing as a person?” A big, big value at a Hotel is learning: learning by doing and by trying new things. The Best Hotel Managers want to help their team see and recognize the learning opportunities everywhere.

They nurture their team members’ careers. The Best Hotel Managers feel responsible for the career development for each person on their teams. Not only do they manage their day to day work and output, but they want to make sure that they are also managing a clear career path for each of them as well. As the Hotel grows, they should too.

Hotel Workers always remember the Best Hotel Managers from early on in their Hospitality careers. I will remember until my dying day the maître d’hôtel who gave me the confidence to fold 200 Napkins in the Restaurant as a 17 year old on my own.

A good Hotel Manager can make the almost impossible seem possible and new topics within the Hotel seem approachable. They are confidence-builders.

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