Hotels offer a wide range of career options, but, to be successful in our Hospitality Industry, you need 6 Rare Qualities and Skills that employers are searching for and that customers expect. Do you have the following 6 Rare Qualities and Skills?

Commitment In the hospitality industry, you must be committed to ensuring customer satisfaction. You must be willing to do whatever it takes to keep customers happy and also create repeat business. An aspect of commitment from employees is that they must be very thorough in their work and realise that any oversight could result in customer dissatisfaction; whereas putting in that extra effort for a customer may result in repeat business and a more positive perception of your Hotel.

Teamwork Successful members of the hospitality industry must work well with others and must be a productive member of a team. They must value the contributions of others within the team. You must be able to take instructions from others and understand your own role in the servicing of the needs of every hospitality customer. You must support other team members. You must help coordinate activities to achieve quality service delivery within your Hotel. You must appreciate the culturally diverse needs of customers.

Flexibility Hotel workers often have unusual hours or longer hours than your typical job, you will often work unusualy tiring shifts and you must be ready to change direction and what you are doing at a moment’s notice if unexpected situations arise. They always do. Being adaptable to change is an aspect of Hotel work which is invaluable, being versatile makes you indispensable to employers and having a larger skill set will make you more employable.

A Problem-solver Solving problems that relate to your own work in the Hotel and being able to contribute to productive outcomes elsewhere is a crucial skill. You must develop creative, innovative and practical solutions which can be developed through showing independence and initiative. You must plan your personal day-to-day operational activities and identify and resolve routine customer or operational problems using predetermined Hotel policies whenever possible.

Interpersonal Skills To be successful in a Hotel, your interpersonal skills must be good, even at the end of your shift. Your job is to provide spectacular customer service and interact with customers continuously – with a smile on your face. Those that are successful in the hospitality business have excellent communication skills. Using a Computer, face-to-face, personally, to a group, to an audience, in a meeting, with clients, with complainants, the number of situations and stakeholders is endless.

Organisational Skills To stay on top of the multitude of tasks you will have to complete, on a daily basis – you will have to be organised and multitask without difficulty. The Hotel Industry needs you to be able to juggle multiple tasks, at all levels, and handle multiple responsibilities simultaneously. Handling a dissatisfied guest, dealing with a security emergency, sorting out the Health and safety, speaking to a job candidate, filling out paperwork for a fire, and of course greeting all of the new guests, and that is just in the first hour of the long shift……

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