Responsibilities of a Hotel Marketing Department

Without marketing, your potential customers will never know about your Hotel (carry on reading or watch the video). This is why they have to SHOUT about your business and get the Hotel’s name out there. The more you let people know about you, the more people will start to remember you.

But what does it actually do?

Setting Strategy The senior member of the marketing department takes responsibility for setting plans for the Hotel regarding its promotion. Their plans may be to increase the numbers of a particular types of Hotel Guest, to open a new channel of distribution for the Hotel, or to reach a wider geographical market. Plans will be shown to senior management before being worked on in detail.

Market Research Market research is a key responsibility for the marketing department. Research helps the Hotel identify opportunities and gain a better understanding of what Hotel customers’ want and need. Market Research can help a Hotel understand competitors’ strengths and weaknesses, so they can take action to protect the Hotel or win business from weaker competitors.

Product Development The marketing department can work with internal or external product development teams to develop new products or improve existing ones. The department’s analysis of sales of existing products can identify gaps in the product range where there may be opportunities for the Hotel. During the product development process, prices are set and plans are prepared to launch a product.

Communications Marketing departments plan campaigns and develop communications material to promote the Hotel to existing and prospective Hotel customers. Depending on their available budgets, they may plan advertising campaigns, develop e-mail marketing programs, create promotional content for the company website, write press releases or product leaflets.

Sales Support Cooperation between the Hotel Sales and Hotel Marketing Teams can improve sales performance and speed up business growth. The Marketing department can provide Sales Teams with high-quality leads by running advertisements that include a reply mechanism. Marketing can also prepare presentations for the sales team.

Events In some larger Hotels, marketing departments are responsible for organising events, such as exhibitions, seminars, sales conferences or customer hospitality events. They plan the event, book meeting facilities and provide event materials, such as displays, presentations or handouts. They also promote external events to customers and prospects to ensure successful attendance.

Hotel Marketing Departments have overall responsibility for growing revenue, increasing market share and contributing to Hotel growth. In a small Hotel, the marketing department may just be one person, or it may be significantly larger in a big Hotel.

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