Regardless of what your Hotel Project might be – All too often, we try and form teams for Projects in our Hotels just by gathering some people together and then hoping that our employees somehow find a way to work together. However, to design, develop and support a highly effective project team in your Hotel or one of its Departments, think about the following guidelines (read on or watch the video):

Set clear goals that should be designed to be “SMART.” (that is Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound). Write these goals down for eventual communication to and discussion with all team members. Determine times for starting and terminating the Team (if applicable) – Ensure you eventually communicate these to all team members.

Identify needs for Resources Start from analysis of the goals. What is needed to achieve them? For example, members might benefit from training? Consider costs; how will those funds be obtained? Develop a budget that itemizes the costs. If needed get approval of the budget.

Determine the membership of groups. More Successful groups Identify what roles and expertise are needed and staff according to the group’s purpose and plans – not personalities. Include at least one person who has skills in meeting management. Members should have the time to attend every meeting and perform the required tasks.

Assign the role of Leader Do you need an official authority to gather and allocate resources? The leader makes sure that all team members understand the purpose of the group and their role in it, they ensure members are active toward meeting that purpose, ensure it makes decisions and solves its problems.

Contact each Team Member Before the first meeting, invite each potential team member to be a part of the team. First, send them a memo, and then meet with each person individually. Communicate the goals of the project, why the person was selected, the benefit of the goals to the Hotel, the time frame for the team effort, and who will lead the team (at least initially). Invite the team member to the first meeting.

Define a method for clear and consistent communications within the team members. Communication is the most important trait of a successful team. Do not assume that all Hotel group members know what you know. Communications might be delivered through regular newsletters or emails. Communications should also be with people outside the team, especially those who make decisions or determine if the team is successful or not.

Define a procedure for members of the group to solve problems. Do not simply allow discussion to take place until members become tired and frustrated and eventually just opt for any action at all. Perhaps by aiming for consensus within a time-frame and if consensus is not achieved, then the group resorts to a majority vote.  

Perhaps Plan Team Building activities. Plan the First Team Meeting – in the first meeting, review the goals of the team and the benefit of the goals to the Hotel. At the end of the meeting, ask people to make a public commitment to the team effort.

Don’t forget to Celebrate Team Successes. Regularly monitor and report on the Status of achieving your Team Goals It is amazing how often a team starts out with a carefully designed plan, but then abandons the plan once the plan is underway. Finally, continuously Support team meetings and the members’ work in their team. It is critical that supervisors and managers of team members remain available to provide support throughout Hotel Projects.

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