Yes, probably every Hotel Manager has their own list of what they look for in a Hotel Employee, and they have probably developed it through their own life-long experiences (read on or watch the video).

What makes this discussion more interesting is it is based on research I have read recently; how do your qualities match up with what other Managers are looking for?

So here is the list – in no particular order of importance. See how does it match up with yours?

Fully focused on satisfying customers Regardless of where you work around the Hotel, Managers want their Employees to always demonstrate excellent customer service, not just when they are under the observation of their Managers.

Is a team player Being part of a team has taken on a higher priority by Hotel Managers, particularly since many Hotels are operating with tight Wage budgets and there is a greater need for everyone to work together to accomplish their goals.

Helps in achieving your “critical few objectives” Hotel Managers always have a few objectives – these are the top one or two reasons why they are there in the first place. Hotel Managers would usually be happy if employees can show an interest towards these objectives without being interfering.

Motivates and engages others in their jobs In our challenging world of Hospitality, Hotel Managers appreciate it when their Employees reach out and keep each other motivated and involved in their work around the Department. This can never be easy during our Busy Hotel Lives.

Contributes to improving the Hotel Profit There are different ways that Hotel Employees can do this, depending on which Department they work in, but they usually include helping to increase sales, reduce costs, decrease staff turnover, and make useful suggestions and recommendations.

Works smart Hotel Managers like it when their Employees are up to date on the latest technology, as this means their skills and knowledge are kept current and professional. Also, continually searching for improvements in productivity and efficiency can make your Hotel Manager happy.

Works hard Many Hotel Managers will also be grateful for simply working hard around the Hotel, it shows that you are dedicated to your job and the Hotel, by putting in that extra effort. Anybody who volunteers to fill any gaps when necessary will also be particularly appreciated.

How does this list stack up against yours? My guess is that you’ll find a lot of similarity here, but I wouldn’t be surprised if you also have some other qualities that are worth adding to it?

Feel free to leave them as a comment here; if I get enough, I’ll do another post adjusting my points of view on the subject.

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