Simple, yet effective Behaviours by Hotel Managers are as likely as anything else to make 2018 a success for them (Carry on reading or watch the video). Research I have read recently suggests the following are the most important 7 behaviours:

Having a clear view of where the Hotel is going and how it is to get there Understanding a simple long-term Vision and the realistic 12 month Aims and Objectives will help here.

Behaving competently within the Hotel This sounds obvious but there are so many Hotels where this just isn’t the case. Too many people in the wrong places creating in-efficiency and in-effectiveness.

Showing appreciation for good work and extra effort No matter how small the achievement, take the time to personally congratulate individuals which does great for self-esteem and helps make a positive working environment.

Showing sincere interest in employees as people Good people managers who show a sincere interest in hotel workers – their problems at home, family issues, financial worries – it is all dealt with – if workers want it to be.

Involving people in decisions that affect them is a critical motivator. Ensure that we discuss big decisions at team meetings and when-ever possible. I remember being asked by a Senior Manager “what should be put on the new menu?” over 20 years ago – it had a real impact on me.

Hiring people who fit in well within the Hotel. Most workers agree by doing this it shows that their management have a good understanding of the Hotel’s needs and cultural fit.

Actions matching words. Managers keeping promises or commitments is critical to the culture of any Hotel – the most important behaviour of Hotel Managers (according to Hotel staff). Top of the list by far is managers doing what they said they would do. The importance of managers keeping their promises cannot be underestimated.

Good Hoteliers make each of these behaviours an integral part of the way they act within their Hotels. The benefits, as the Best Hotels will testify, are well worth it.

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