Congratulations; it is your Performance Review – now don’t make a mess of it! People rarely get the best out of their review unless they have thought through all of these important issues (carry on  reading or watch the video):

Turning up late Work out exactly where the Review is and how you’re going to get there? Perhaps do a practice run in the hotel? If you are not working allow yourself 30 minutes for traffic problems or delays; turn up early and have a soft-drink. Visit the toilet. If for some reason you’re running late, call your interviewer to let them know.

Wearing inappropriate clothing What is appropriate Review clothing varies depending on the job you’re being reviewed for? If you’re not sure wear formal business attire – a suit or dark trousers/skirt with a smart shirt or top. Make sure they are clean and ironed. Remove your piercings and cover your tattoos.

Never appear arrogant or rude Listen carefully to your reviewer, don’t interrupt and don’t use jokes. Be friendly, but don’t say anything that could offend. Show you’re confident, but don’t let that become arrogance. Do not give textbook responses. Show your personality. Try to be open and honest about your skills and strengths, giving examples of when you’ve used them.

Be prepared You should know your CV, inside out. Make sure you have asked what will be expected from you on the day? You do not want any surprises – find out who is reviewing you? Ask for a copy of your job description if you do not have it already and make notes on how your skills and strengths match it. Interviewers often ask how the Hotel could be improved – have one or two examples prepared.

Never Lye Never falsify your work achievements, like claiming to have experience in an area that you don’t; you will always get caught out eventually. No-one wants to employ a Liar and you could be asked to leave your Hotel because you have been disciplined for gross misconduct, it is humiliating and upsetting.

Never criticize a current or previous employer It sounds ridiculous, but you would be surprised at how many interviewees will actually just criticize their area of work. It’s fine to talk about what you would like to achieve career-wise and how this may not be possible in your current job, but never bad-mouth a current or previous employer.

Don’t let your nerves get the better of you This is probably the most difficult mistake to avoid as Reviews make everyone a bit anxious. If you have the opportunity, chose a friend and practice being interviewed. Ask them for genuine feedback as to what went well and what went less well.

Do not go out the night before the interview; have a meal so that you will not have blood sugar problems; brush your teeth; turn your phone off and use a mild de-odorant. Do not ask for a fag break. I could go on….

Good Luck at your next Hotel Performance or Job Review.

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