Regardless of whether it is Early, Late or Night – Your Front Office is not a hiding place. What follows are the skills that Front Office Managers say their Teams need to be successful in – their Ultimate List (in no order of importance) …. (carry on reading or watch the video)

Multitasking Juggling multiple phone lines; face-to-face contact with clients, visitors and employees; and clerical duties; whilst people are raising their voices at you, you must still have a smile on your face as a receptionist.

Dependability Because Hotel Receptionists have links with nearly every guest and fellow employee – whether it’s face to face, electronically or on the phone – you need to be highly dependable. You can never let anything slip through your fingers during a shift.

Initiative and problem-solving abilities During your Daily life you take on a multitude of tasks beyond your conventional role, including event planning, controlling costs, helping the Hotel manage their social media profiles and contributing towards managing the Hotel’s public images.

Prioritising Hotel Receptionists tackle dozens of duties at once, with many requests coming in whilst you are extremely busy, requiring you to operate calmly. You must be able to prioritise multiple projects and tasks throughout your day without upsetting anybody.

Technical skills Word processing skills are a must, while familiarity with Excel, desktop publishing and industry-specific software will make you more employable. You must be continuously ready to learn how to use new hardware and software.

Organisation A strong receptionist is organised in every task or project they take on. A great Hotel Receptionist should be able to find information at a moment’s notice whilst maintaining a tidy work area.

Communication You should have strong verbal, written and electronic communication skills along with your great listening abilities. You should always be aiming to achieve customer service successes at work.


Interpersonal skills As a receptionist, you are the eyes and ears of the Hotel, making soft skills like dealing with office politics crucial to protecting your own reputation and the Hotel’s. Your ability to maintain good relationships with employees at all levels of the company, including executives, is crucial.

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