What are the skills that every Hotel Supervisor and Manager needs? How to welcome a Guest into the Hotel? How to Open a Bottle of Wine? How to Manage a Fire Emergency? How to accept a Hotel delivery? (read on or watch the video)

When hiring new Hotel Workers, or trying to get a job, it is all too easy to put too much emphasis on these single skills or their academic qualifications. However, this often tells you little about how a person would cope in the Hotel workplace?

Perhaps it is these following practical and transferable skills that are the most needed by a Hotel Employee; these are the skills that will determine how well they will adapt to the world of Hotel Work?

Verbal communication Perhaps the top most sought after Hotel employee skill is good verbal communication. Almost every job will involve talking to colleagues or customers at some point and employees should be able to express themselves clearly, confidently and concisely.

Teamwork Most Hotel employees need to be able to work in groups and frequently in self-managed teams. To succeed employees should be able to cooperate with their colleagues, take responsibility and put forward ideas in a confident, rather than passive or aggressive manner.

Commercial awareness If Hotel worker understands the business environment and its customers, then they can show more commitment to a Hotel. I read this week that over a third of employers were dissatisfied with the Commercial awareness their new recruits displayed.

Analysing and investigating Problems crop up all the time around the Hotel and you need employees who are able to deal with them in a logical and analytical manner rather than getting into a panic or simply ignoring them – assuming they will be dealt with by somebody else.

Self-motivation Hotel Managers can’t spend every minute of the day monitoring their employees, so it’s important that staff are self-motivated and able to use their initiative to prioritise their tasks, come up with better ways of working and take responsibility for their own actions.

Written communication Some Hotel Departments consider this skill less important than others. But handing in a CV with spelling errors will never help you. Being able to write emails, letters and reports with a clear structure and appropriate style and content is a valuable skill.

Planning and organizing For Hotel workers to be at their most productive, they need to be able to organise their workload and plan their shift effectively. Being able to work to deadlines and set themselves achievable targets is a beneficial skill.

Flexibility The Hotel is constantly changing and the best workers can adapt to new circumstances and environments. Good employees should be able to take on new challenges at short notice and deal with altering priorities and shifting workloads.

Time management Finally a Hotel wants their Employees to be able to cope with the conflicting demands on their time, make the most of their hours at work and prioritise certain tasks. And of course they need to be able to turn up for every shift when they should have done.

While these are all great skills to look out for in potential Hotel recruits, once you have hired someone you should help them improve these skills by providing regular training. Offering suitable training to staff always boosts productivity and helps improve staff retention.

Research used was from the University of Kent.

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