I don’t care at all what others think about me; but I regularly have met people in the Hotels that I have worked in who appear to worry too much? (carry on reading or watch the video)

These people are highly talented, but they tend to consider themselves weak. And they envy others?

One of my first ever friends in Hotels, let me call him John was always afraid of doing, saying, or even thinking his own thing …

John truly knew that his views, wants, and ideas were as valid as anyone else’s; but that’s not how he felt.

Over a coffee I asked him: “What would you really like to do before you die, John?”

He paused, looked doubtful, then a shy smile emerged, followed by a bigger one:

“You know, I want to become a Supervisor in this place and then afterwards I dream of becoming a Hotel Manager.”

“What’s stopping you?” I said “stop worrying what other people think about you?”

Apart from John’s Manager and customers – John shouldn’t waste so much time agonizing over what people think of him?

Ultimately all John can be is…himself. Trying to be someone he is not will always just leave John feeling unfulfilled.

John had already developed his own individuality working in Hotels – so he should relax. He was never going to be the same as everyone else. We are all different and are in-fact unique.

One day the Fire Alarm sounded in the Hotel and John became totally focused.

John wasn’t thinking about what onlookers thought of his clothes or his body shape or his hairstyle. John just helped with the Evacuation. All that nonsense disappeared from his consciousness.

After the Fire Alarm stopped people came up and thanked John for his help and the General Manager gave him a staff award for the amazing help he had given the Duty Manager on that day.

On the day John received his award the General Manager said that for a long time John had been referred to as Strong John or the Super Kitchen Porter and that the Management team had known on the day the alarm sounded that everything would be all right because John was on duty.     

John is now a Hotel General Manager.

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