9 Tips for Keeping the Job You Have in Hotels

One of the questions I get asked over and over again from Hotel Workers is what can they do to keep the job they already have? If you are happy with your job, not thinking of moving on to another soon, take a look at these tips on how to keep your job (read on or watch the video).

Work Hard. This will lead to your heightened satisfaction and happiness at work. Most employers don’t mind a little time of rest and relaxation, but do focus on your job and give your employer the time you’re getting paid for.

Always Be On Time. Employees who are late to work or take a long lunch break, or leave early every day aren’t going to look favourably with their Manager. Be punctual and be there, should a personal issue arise schedule a meeting with your manager to explain the situation.

Be a Team Player. Be the employee who gets along well with everyone, who doesn’t take part in workplace gossip and who offers to help colleagues. A positive attitude and kindness goes a long way in earning respect and trust from your colleagues.

Be Flexible. Flexibility can be a key component of hanging on to your job. When your Hotel needs someone to change shifts, put in some overtime, or take on new tasks, consider volunteering if your personal schedule permits.

Don’t Complain. Nobody likes complainers, unless there is a legitimate reason. If for example, you are being discriminated against or harassed by a co-worker, then it is important that you let somebody know about it.

Always Try and Make the Job Work. Is there anything you could be doing differently to make the job work? Could you ask for a transfer or a shift change? Is there anything that would make a difference and convince you to stay?

Offer to Help. One of the best ways to keep your job is to volunteer for new initiatives, to offer to help with projects, and to take on more responsibility. Doing so will also benefit you – you will learn and grow.

Keep Social Media and Work Separate. Even if you hate your job, keep it to yourself or your trustworthy family and friends. Don’t post your discontent on social media, because chances are, the wrong person will see it. That, in and of itself, can cost you your job.


Be Positive. A positive attitude is contagious and a key component to keeping your job long-term. Maintaining a positive attitude, even through tough times, will make your life and the lives of your colleagues much easier.

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