Anybody can enjoy my Blog and Group – Anybody that is who wants to learn about Managers within Hotels and Hospitality; but more importantly – How they are Different? And how they are the same? (read on or watch the video)

My Group is not intended to replace Learning already discovered else-where in your Hospitality Lives; at Work, in the College, in the Library or on the Internet. It aims to be a supplement. Perhaps an Electronic Mentor?

I will always agree membership to real human beings – I will never agree membership to business names, even Hotels or suppliers to Hotels or other group names – Ever!

My Linkedin group aims to become one of the LARGEST and most active Hotel and Hospitality development and learning groups on Linkedin. It will develop as its members suggest.

My Linkedin Group is

If You do Not not Like What I am Doing – Tell me and wait for feedback or Tell me and then Disappear – if You do Not like it – it Probably is not aimed at you! Or I might be having a Bad Day?

My Group and Blog aim to become one of the LARGEST and most active Hotel and Hospitality development and learning platforms on the internet. I will post discussion every day.

My Daily Blog will always be free – It is intended for Hotel Workers, Supervisors and Managers who are (or want to become) actively engaged in Learning and Development around the Whole World.

It is not about Practical Skill. It is about Management. What do They do and Why? Dip in and out when you have time. Join in if you want. You don’t have to. SHARE. MAKE FRIENDS.

This group aims to Assist those within the Hospitality Industry without the Time or often the Money to attend College by providing them with Learning. Both Blog and Group will remain Highly Moderated and will remain SPAM-free, Focused and Productive.

I will Never Pass on your Details to Anybody else for Any Reason What-So-Ever.

Anyone Posting direct Sales Pitches will always be Removed.

Please Respect the Intelligence and Integrity of Group Members.

I would be Happy if you Share this Message or the Content of the Group if you Think Somebody would Benefit from this.


NO network marketing or MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) of any kind is allowed to be promoted in these forums. This is not the forum for that type of business.

No Religious, Charity or Political discussions are allowed; there are other forums for these causes, no matter how wonderful they may be.

Please do not continually re-post exactly the same message, either in discussions or as jobs. People will see it the first time.


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