Anybody can become a Hotelier if they Want to? Despite Hotel Workers, Hotel Supervisors and Hotel Managers having some of the most difficult lives on this planet? (read on or watch the video)

Firstly, I would like to be clear to everybody, the life of a Hotelier is not that simple …. But I am here to introduce you to the fact that anybody who wants to become a Hotelier can become a Hotelier? If they sacrifice themselves to their chosen occupation? If they want to be a successful Hotelier? If you then carefully read this article. But I am not here to tirade!

A Hotelier needs just several good qualities and the important ones are listed below:

Strong Intention If you want to be a successful Hotelier then first you need to have a strong desire for your goal. Strong with positive intention that, yes I can do it … I can do it at almost any cost … not in almost any manner. So “Stop Making Excuses”. These three words can really change your life. There is no excuse. Why should we not become a Hotelier? The only reason is “you”. In Hotels making excuses means losing yourself. Overcome your weakness and become a Hotelier!

Self-Confidence is just like a tool kit. But, without self-confidence a Hotelier could totally lose their self-drive. Self-confidence is that which prevents a person from quitting. If a Hotelier has a low self-confidence then they may struggle with this profession? It is necessary to have a high confidence level but not over confidence? And certainly not Aggression. Even if your aggression is positive, you must transform it from a dangerous form of anger into a positive motivating force.

So if you believe your are not Suitable? You probably are. If you are not especially physically fit then you can inspire other people and you can become a Hotelier. If you are not able bodied or have a disability, you can become a Hotelier and inspire people if you want to – I did. If you believe you are not sufficiently educated, then there is always training in a Hotel. The Hotel Industry is one of the most Internationally and sexually diverse Industries on the Planet.

So,if you want to become a Hotelier and to do better in your life, just apply for that job you want. Tell yourself that you have a Strong Desire to work in the Hotel Industry and you are Self Motivated.

You can learn how to behave around the Hotel during the Hotel Induction and training; but convince the Interviewer that you have already learnt a lot of the important lessons of life.  Your basic discipline in your life is already good; personal life, exercise, hygiene, diet and manners.

If you don’t believe me, then give it a go ….. apply for a job. And if you do not get the job – ask the person why? You want to improve yourself for the next interview.

See it as a Quality Improvement Exercise for yourself. It might take some time to get the job you want – but if you give up …. you probably were not suitable for Hotel Work anyway?


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