8 Signs You Will Be A Good Hotel Supervisor … Even You Don’t Think So At The Moment!

We live in a progressive age, where it is easier than ever for Hotel Supervisors around the World to balance the emotional and psychological demands of being a Hotel Supervisor for the first-time (read on or watch the video).

There are characteristics and personal traits that can empower you as an excellent Hotel Supervisor and identifying these may offer comfort to an in-experienced Hotel Supervisor during times of insecurity. These include;

You can Prioritise your Time Decisively As a Hotel Supervisor, the ability to prioritise is a key weapon. It will enable you to make the best use of your time in the Hotel and Department, which in turn means that you can remain in a relaxed and focused mood during your shifts. Time is your greatest gift.

You are Spontaneous The demands of Hotel Shifts can alter your personality, gradually eroding your playfulness; this can lead to workplace stress. If you manage to retain your ability for spontaneous interaction, this will help you to bond with your staff and fulfil your all-consuming role as a Hotel Supervisor.

You are Nurturing When you assume the role of a Hotel Supervisor, a good one is Nurturing and is Selfless by nature. When a Team Member is sick or anxious, he or she becomes vulnerable and needs their Hotel Supervisor to provide extra support. If you have these character traits you will be a good Hotel Supervisor.

You set an Example While it is possible to teach staff through words, your staff often learn better when they observe others. This is especially true with regards to relationships and interpersonal interaction, so Hotel Supervisors play a significant role in teaching best practice by setting a positive example.

You are Patient Lets’ face facts; being a Hotel Supervisor is arguably the single biggest test of your emotional control and patience. Less experienced staff will be slower at completing tasks. This can be frustrating. You must be able to compromise and communicate calmly, even during times of stress.

You are Financially Responsible It is crucial that all Hotel Supervisors are responsible with money and teach their staff the importance of control. Good Hotel Supervisors must financially support their Hotel and reinforce good money management principles at all times.

You are not afraid to be Unpopular for the Greater Good This is something that those in Hotel Management positions will appreciate, as occasionally you may need to make an unpopular decision. This mental strength is crucial if you are to become a Hotel Supervisor. This can be challenging, but gets easier with time.

You understand Teamwork in a Hotel Department it is too easy to become stuck rigidly in our everyday relationships as we work. But, if you understand the value of a Flexible relationships to your Teams, and the value of a successful Team to a Hotel Department you will emerge as a productive Hotel Supervisory figure.

With so many conflicting opinions about what distinguishes a good Hotel Supervisor, it is easy for individuals to doubt themselves. Don’t!

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