It takes years of small steps and daily effort to become a truly great Hotel Manager (read on or watch the video). All Hotel Managers and Supervisors make mistakes at some point as they develop and learn. What really matters is that we respond with grace and humility from these mistakes, can recover quickly and learn from the mistakes.

Common mistakes which are made during our development to become a Hotel Manager often include:

Doing instead of managing – although there’s nothing wrong with helping your staff from time to time to help them accomplish a pressing goal, you’re now being paid to direct and oversee others’ work — not do it yourself. Instead, focus on helping others do their jobs well.

Failing to manage and communicate in all directions. Your direct reports are very important but don’t make the mistake of forgetting about your new Manager and others on the same level as you within the Hotel. You should be managing and communicating up as well as side to side, not to mention down.

Changing things better left alone. Just because something seemed like a good idea in your previous position in the Hotel or just because something worked in your previous Hotel, it doesn’t mean it’s the right approach for where you work now. Never rush into change within new jobs, settle in and gather your thoughts first.

Aligning yourself with any one person or group. Don’t assume you understand the politics of your new Department or Hotel, even if you were promoted from within. Instead, spend the first few weeks getting to know key stakeholders and their relative political standing within your Hotel or Department.

Acting like another member of the gang. While you can still have a great rapport with your team – never go too far. Be careful about going to lunch with the same people every day. If you socialize with direct reports outside of work – be careful. You get the idea! You’re the manager now. Act like one.

Promising too much. It’s natural to want to please others in your new jobs, but be careful not to over-commit whilst trying to establish yourself. Target your promises carefully. Try to get comfortable saying, “I don’t know yet, but I’ll get back to you.” Promising too much too soon will backfire quickly.

Never achieving anything. Some new managers get overwhelmed by the possibilities of their new job and all of the information coming at them and just freeze. Take some time to understand your department or Hotel for a week or two, and then decide on a plan. It’s better to move forward with something that’s 80 percent correct than never achieve anything crafting the “perfect plan”.

Being disrespectful towards the other Managers. Regardless of whether the previous Manager was good or bad, keep your opinions to yourself. Likewise, if you do not respect the quality of some of your new Management colleagues, keep your ideas to yourself.

Too High Early Expectations Relying on your newfound Job Title to get the job done quickly simply does not work. Expecting good results straight-away simply because people are supposed to listen to you is the thing of dreams. You don’t want to be the Hotel Manager equivalent of a parent who says, “Do it because I said so.” You want people to work hard for you because they like, trust and respect you.

It takes years of small steps and daily effort to become a truly great Hotel Manager. In the meantime, there are three things every new manager can do to improve themselves and lessen the likelihood of making mistakes: get a mentor, do a lot of reading on the topic of management and practice, practice, practice.

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