I often spend time thinking about what makes the Best Hotel Leadership Staff within the Hospitality Industry. In this blog, I am talking about the common value of Compassion – all of the best Hotel Leadership Staff appear to have (read on or watch the video).

The Best Hotel Service is normally founded on the core value of Compassion – with a commitment to providing Service to those who need it, regardless of their status, wealth, ethnicity, age or gender.

The Best Hotel Leadership Staff often make the decision to dedicate a major part of their precious lives to caring for others in their places of work; their motivation and effort will be at maximum therefore when they work in Hotels where a core value is Compassion.

Compassion means paying attention to the other person – listening with fascination, coming to an understanding of what the other person needs or wants, showing empathy and finally taking thoughtful or intelligent action to help them.

We therefore need Hotels to embody Compassion. We need Hotel Managers who model Compassion through their Leadership; this means Leaders paying attention to those they Lead (listening to them with fascination), arriving at a shared understanding of their work situations, being empathetic towards them and constantly striving to take intelligent and thoughtful action to help them in their work.

This is such a simple model but so powerful in practice and in its implications.

Leadership means not just individual Leaders in Hotels but the Leadership in the whole of the Organisation – it includes the Senior Managers and Human Resources Managers. If the way these other stakeholders interact with the Hotel is (or is perceived as) directive, controlling, threatening or uncaring, then Compassion dries up and a culture is created in which bullying may become more dominant.

Leaders influence culture, culture shapes behaviour, behaviour affects staff well-being and Hotel outcomes. And remember Hotel employee well-being and Hotel outcomes are inseparable.

To create Leaders with Compassion, we need more mature approaches to Leadership, leaving behind command and control, excessive hierarchies which create conditions for bullying and reduce Compassion.

We face a choice in deciding whether to promote cultures of Compassion or cultures of Bullying in our Hotels. And each of us, through our every interaction at work every day, makes a choice as to which we are creating.

And remember Compassion is the core value of the Best Hotel Leadership Staff – not Bullying.

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