Your legs feel shaky; you notice your palms sweating. You walk nervously into the strange new building. That Hotel. The colours, sounds, smells; all the new faces blend into an unfamiliar mash of impressions (read on or watch the video).

Your pulse steps up to a sprint and you paste an eager-to-please smile onto your face like a ‘please don’t hurt me’ badge. You start your first day at your new Hotel job.

Try Breathing Deeply Frightened Hotel Manager …. What’s his name again? What’s her name? Where do I go for lunch? What am I supposed to do? Am I supposed to know all this stuff already? What can I do to impress? Did that person just laugh at me?

Starting work in a Hotel feels daunting, like the first day in school. The unfamiliarity. The stress of wanting to please can feel overwhelming…and too much stress makes it harder to concentrate and do a good job…causing more stress!

But breath deeply and remember that the unfamiliar will soon be familiar.  Think about it carefully … once upon a time, your most long-established friends, even all your family members were all brand new, all strange and unfamiliar to you?

How it all seems today is not how it’s going to seem in a week, a month, or a year?

Breath deeply again and remind yourself that what seems new in the Hotel now will all seem natural and ‘second nature’ very soon.

Beware the newcomer trap … we can’t control what others think of us, but we can help to influence the impression we make. Over-eagerness can backfire. Strangers who make (even sensible) suggestions too soon risk annoying the rest of the group.

Breath deeply and remember your suggestions may be spot on and it may be perfectly fine for one of the established hotel group to make the very same suggestion, but a newcomer making it risks creating initial dislike. So hold off from trying to ‘fix’ everything too soon.

Expect the best … expecting the worst can be a fast track way to trip yourself up. Don’t think “What if I can’t do what they give me to do?” Don’t think “What if they don’t like me?” Don’t think “What if I make a fool of myself?” or anything else of a similar nature.

You can ‘what if’ anything and make your first shifts in the hotel awful. Instead, relax with waiting to find out how it’s going to be. Or practice expecting the best. Make yourself imagine the best possible things happening. Your new Hotel Manager coming over and saying “Thank you”. Your Hotel Supervisor smiling and telling the team “Well done”.

Breath deeply and relax with ignorance. Give yourself a break. You are not supposed to know everything or everyone. Starting a new job in a Hotel is like starting a new college course. You may know some of it, but you are actually there to learn. Relax and admit your relative ignorance. And remember: everyone has to start somewhere.

Remember a new-born chick doesn’t fly immediately!

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