Within Hotels the absence of professionalism is usually more noticeable than its presence. How can you tell if you are Professional? Follow these dos and don’ts (Read on or Watch the Video);

Dress Appropriately Wear the type of clothing your employer requires – clean and ironed.

Make Being on Time a Priority Showing up late for work or meetings gives the impression that you don’t care about your job.

Always Fight Fair You will inevitably have disagreements with your co-workers or even your boss. Calmly explain your opinion and walk away.

Don’t Be Grumpy When you are not feeling your best don’t take it out on your boss, your co-workers and especially your customers.

Don’t Hide From Your Mistakes As hard as it may be to do, take ownership of your mistakes and do your best to correct them.

Watch Your Mouth Bad Language or Swearing has no place at work. If you wouldn’t say it to your grandmother, refrain from saying it at work.

Offer To Help Your Colleagues A true professional is willing to help his or her co-workers when they are overburdened.

Don’t Gossip While you may be tempted to tell your co-workers what you heard about Suzy or Sam down in the Kitchen, gossiping is Unprofessional.

Try to Stay Positive Your boss certainly will not appreciate a drop in morale among his or her employees.

Don’t Lie Dishonesty never makes anyone look good, whether it’s lying on your Cv. or calling in sick when you aren’t.

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