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10 Things our Junior Hotel Managers Should Know – But They Don’t…. By far the biggest reason Hotel Workers, Supervisors and Managers are not happy at work in Hotels is because they don’t get along with the person in charge of them – their own Supervisor or Manager (read on or watch the video). Today’s […]

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10 Things our Junior Hotel Managers Should Know – But They Don’t…. A Hotel employee has a problem and naturally, they go to their Hotel Manager for help. So, how should the Hotel Manager respond? You would normally say “the Hotel Manager should rely on experience to tell the worker exactly what to do,” guess […]

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As a child I was always told that I was quiet and polite. As a teenager and in my early adult years, I was always told that people had the wrong impression of me (read on or watch the video). When I went to work I knew that I had to change. Not because people […]

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Despite what lots of people say, working in Hospitality is a great career choice, providing good opportunities for advancement, salary increases, and travel. However chosing your life-long path from the beginning is un-likely, as the Hotel World continues to shift due to changes in technology and the economy (read on or watch the video). Most […]

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