Daily Hotel Management is a continuous process that ensures the work in a Hotel Department is done in the right way and at the right time – in order to achieve success in the Hotel according to the Hotel’s objectives (carry on reading or watch the post).

Any Daily Hotel Management should allow people at all levels of the Hotel to clearly visualize whether their performance is good or bad on any given day (if necessary, weekly or monthly).

Everyone in the Hotel has to be aware of the priorities and challenges of the Hotel and how they relate to their job in the Hotel. That’s why it is so important to define Long Term Hotel Goals: so that people are more likely to be proactive in helping the Hotel to achieve success.

Perhaps … to operationalize Daily Management in the Hotel one must clearly translate the goals of the Hotel into a performance target for each department or work team?

Perhaps, a new set of leadership attitudes, values and behaviours must also become commonplace. Last but not least, a “help chain,” a structure that supports problem solving across the Hotel, must be put in place.

On a Daily basis Hotel Management must connect everyone’s specific job with the goals of the Hotel. Everyone should be able to tell how their work is contributing (or not contributing) to the achievement of the Hotel´s objectives, continuously.

Needless to say … this provides a sense of purpose and belonging among the Hotel workforce, as everyone is given the opportunity (often for the first time) to realize how their individual job influences the success of a business.

Performance indicators agreed by Hotel Management should be deployed, specified and visually displayed within a Hotel Department Meeting, perhaps using charts. These charts should be filled out according to the updated figures gathered each day or week.

Charts should allow everybody to understand whether where they work is “on target” or “off target” (to indicate what is going according to plan and what isn’t).

As soon as a chronic problem is identified, a group of Hoteliers should become responsible for addressing a Hotel problem in a structured way.

For each Hotel department, a team should be put together and asked to get together to discuss the results achieved compared with the numbers the Hotel had hoped for. Setting a standard for the meetings is critical to their success.

Just having the numbers exposed is not enough: daily Hotel Management encourages (and, really, calls for) teamwork and cooperation. The Hotel team should always engage in frank discussions to understand the situation, carry out some analysis and decide what actions are needed in the event of a gap between current and expected performance.

“How are the current results compared to the expected ones?” “What is the problem?” “Why did we deviate from the plan?” “What was the root cause of the deviation?” “What kind of improvements is necessary?” “How can you contribute?” “What kind of help will you need in order to contribute?” The meeting should be led by the Hotel leaders (the supervisor and his/her leaders in a production area, for instance).

These meetings must be quick and efficient – a stand-up meeting is normally the best way to keep things short – with everybody focused and concentrated on giving their contribution to solving the problems brought up in the Hotel.

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