Every Shift there might be a need to teach yourself something as a Hotel Supervisor. Some shifts more than others. Some Hotels less than others. But Hotel Supervisors MUST be able to develop themselves as and when the need arises (read on or watch the video).

Today I will be looking at this ability, Hotel Supervisors must have to be able to Develop themselves continuously whilst working as a Hotel Supervisor.

Essentially, Hotel Supervisor Self-Development Skills are about continuously discovering new ways, to face the day to day challenges that Hotel life puts in front of a Hotel Supervisor – without being told about it in a Training Session, by a Hotel Manager – purely by self-discovery.

Whether this means developing our own work skills, learning to manage our own emotions or developing our own relationships with others around the Hotel – most of the Development a Supervisor needs in Hotels must come from themselves – and the earlier we discover this brutal truth – the better our careers will become.

What might occur if, as a Hotel Supervisor, I was not able to continuously develop myself through-out my career? Firstly, I would achieve virtually nothing. I would also be destined to a career where those around me thought very little of me. Hotel Supervisors need to learn to develop themselves quickly and continuously, so that development becomes as normal an activity as breathing or feeding oneself.

What might occur if, as a Hotel Supervisor, I should decide to continuously teach myself things? Life is likely to be easier and shifts are likely to move from beginning to end more quickly. An emergency would be less likely an emergency and the irregular would become less so, as you are more prepared and appear so. Guests appreciate you more, so do the Hotel Managers and the Hotel Team want to work with you. You are simply more capable, confident and clear.

How could I Improve my Self-Development Skills, simple, set yourself a Plan. What do I want to learn today? What do I want to teach myself this week, this month and this year? Buy a diary or get access to a computer and create a plan. Get motivated and do it. Nobody can do it for you.

Highlight your ability to Develop Yourself on your resume by discussing occasions when you have in-fact taught yourself difficult skills whilst at the Hotel; perhaps even using instances when you were under extreme pressure or even danger? Talk about your plan and the way you have achieved things.

Understanding Self-Development Skills will help you to position yourself for a more successful career as a Hotel Supervisor, regardless of which Hotel Department, type and style you are working in and what Plans you have for the Future?

Over Six week-ends I will be discussing What tasks a typical Hotel Supervisor will often carry out on a Regular basis; regardless of Hotel Department and Hotel type and style, in this more basic Tabloid manner, as I have been asked by a number of people.

Hope to see you again.

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