Every Shift there might be a need to Manage the Performance of your Hotel Team as a Hotel Supervisor. Some shifts more than others. Some Hotels less than others. But Hotel Supervisors MUST be able to Manage the Performance of their Hotel Team as and when the need arises.

Today I will be looking at this ability Hotel Supervisors must have to be able to Manage Hotel Team Performance whilst working as a Hotel Supervisor.

Essentially, Managing Hotel Team Performance is about not just looking after what you do at work personally, but rather looking after what your work team does in and around the Hotel – without a Manager telling you what to do or a Hotel Guest asking you to do something. It means driving yourself – being self-motivated.

Whether this means close-by in-depth planning and controlling of what goes on during the shift or just mild support from a distance can never be known until you know the skill levels and the levels of experience of the people who are in your team at any moment in time. Flexibility is always important.

What might occur if, as a Hotel Supervisor, I was not able to Manage my Hotel Team’s Performance through-out my career? Firstly, the Hotel Teams that I would lead would be chaotic and non-achievers whilst at work. Individuals would not enjoy working with and around you in the Hotel. Hotel Supervisors need to learn to look after those around them, so that the work performance of their Hotel Departments during shifts when they work is strong and organised.

What might occur if, as a Hotel Supervisor, I should decide to continuously Manage my Hotel Team’s Performance? Even when the Hotel is busy, time spent at work is less stressful for workers. Groups of individuals, managed by you, would work more easily as a single team. Hoteliers would know what was expected of them, as individuals and as groups. Quality of the Department’s Service would be improved. Teams would work more knowledgably, confidently and inspired.

How could I Improve my Hotel Team’s Performance? Ensure that you always carry out a pre-service briefing. What do we want to achieve today? Reflect on performance and discuss issues with teams. Reflect upon your own performance with groups of people and consider how your performance might have been improved? Only you can do this.

Highlight your ability to Improve your Hotel Team’s Performance on your resume by discussing instances when you have in-fact brought a group of people together to work more closely; perhaps even using instances when you were under extreme pressure or even danger? Talk about a Team that you have achieved a great performance with.

Understanding the Importance of bringing together groups of individuals to work as a Team will help you to position yourself for a more successful career as a Hotel Supervisor, regardless of which Hotel Department, type and style of Hotel you are working in and what Plans you have for the Future?

Over Six week-ends I will be discussing the needs of a Hotel Supervisor on a Daily basis; regardless of Hotel Department, in a more basic Tabloid manner, as I have been asked by a number of people.

So far I have looked at Developing Yourself and tomorrow I will be looking at Developing the Work Team itself.

Hope to see you again.

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