Always pick your words carefully if you wish to flourish in your Hotel Career. There are many obvious things that one should be careful of saying to their Hotel Managers in addition to the obvious curses and insults (carry on reading or watch the video):

“No” You need to be cooperative at work as well as polite. At times it is appropriate for you to say ‘no’ to your Hotel Manager; however, it would be wrong if you have not phrased it well.

“That is not a part of my job” Exclaiming that some work doesn’t come under your job description is unacceptable as every job description has to be flexible in a Hotel.

“The former Hotel Manager did it another better way” Unless a technique is an obvious mistake,never challenge your Hotel Manager with the old system of getting things done, just because those methods used to make everything simpler for you.

“At my previous job we did it this way” Nobody likes a know-it-all’, particularly a Manager. You need to step in delicately if you believe that you have a better way. You never should speak phrases that will turn confrontational but respond with enquiring questions.

“It is not my fault, it is someone else’s fault” Blaming others can be dangerous for your career. If in a situation, it is not your fault, then explain the reason why you are innocent. Never involve others when the basic responsibility of a task was yours.

 “I cannot” An employee with a ‘can-do’ attitude is always appreciated and valued. When you say “I cannot”, it shows your lack of willingness or certainty to take chances.

“I don’t know” Rather saying that you do not know something and shrugging, it is best to present your best guess or promise to discover the answer.

“I cannot be bothered” At work, you sometimes have to help others or the other departments even if you do not want to. Hotel Managers cannot tolerate employees who are not team players.

“I may leave” The most awful thing to do at work is to threaten the Hotel that you will leave. It is not just unprofessional, but they will believe that you are a not worth supporting.

“I am quite busy, can’t it wait?” It is your responsibility to make sure if the priorities can change. Yours and Hotel Manager’s objectives have to be aligned. If confused in most cases it is better to ask if you should give priority to one task over another or not.

“Can I leave early today?” If you are to ask for an early departure, then you need to have a reason for it. Never say you are leaving because you have nothing to do or as things are slow. This is the time where you need to show initiative to the Hotel Manager.

 “I cannot work with him/her” Your Hotel Manager requires every employee to work with cooperation. You are assumed to be capable of being beyond personality conflicts with the concern of delivering the best results for the Hotel.

“I am bored” Perhaps you are going through a drained situation but sharing your boredom with your Hotel Manager is absolutely wrong. It is your responsibility to make things interesting at work as you are being paid to remain productive and passionate towards the Hotel.

“I want to speak to the HR about this” Or saying that you wish to speak to the Manager’s senior about something is actually like challenging their authority and is a no-win situation. Unless you have no alternative and are going to quit or be terminated, never say this.

Always look at what you are saying from the perspective of the Hotel Manager you are saying it to. Ask yourself, does what I’m about to say reflect an upbeat, positive and confident character? Always pick your words carefully if you wish to flourish in your Hotel Career.

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