Sometimes a Hotel Manager believes their job is just to ensure things run smoothly wherever they work. But it is not just about making themselves successful ….

Keeping a Hotel, or part of a Hotel, running smoothly is a difficult task and can absorb all of a Hotel Manager’s time and energy; but if that’s all the Hotel Manager does, they are making a big mistake.

The sooner a Hotel Manager realises that their jobs are not just about making themselves successful; but they are also partially about making everything and everyone around them Successful too. 

Only when Hotel Managers understand this part of their job, they will begin to seriously address their Leadership responsibilities.

Hotel Managers need to realize they are responsible for recommending and initiating changes that will enhance their Hotel’s and the Hotel’s teams’ and individuals’ performances.

Often – and it comes as a surprise to many Hotel Managers – this means challenging organizational processes or structures as well that exist already in the Hotel.

This also means challenging those that work within your area of responsibility.

Don’t forget a Hotel Business is an ecosystem to cooperate with, not to fight against.

Don’t forget Hotel Management is a Service, so make others successful first.

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