What does Innovation mean in terms of Good Hotel Management and why do I consider it so important? Rather like an Umbrella for all of the other Critical Hotel Management Skills? Learn that whilst Hotel Management Innovation will not necessarily be needed continuously within the Hotel, the skills must always be available…. (read on or watch the video)

Innovation is a crucial skill for a strong Hotel Manager. Hotel Leaders should always be striving to develop the best new products and services for their Hotels. Hotels that Innovate will stay successful, attracting new customers with their fresh products and services. Good Hotel Managers have an understanding for different perspectives on traditional problems?

You may wonder if anyone will even notice if you don’t demonstrate Innovation around the Hotel. They will notice if you lack this quality as soon as there is a period of change or a project which you cannot cope with.

Essentially, Hotel Management Innovation is not performed around your Hotel continuously; however, there is a need to be able to change your Hotel Operations, Products and Services significantly when there is the need to – Redesigning systems for increased productivity or functionality especially.

Highlight your ability to innovate on your resume by Developing innovative solutions for customers’ needs, by Identifying key shortcomings in Hotel products and services and by testing new ideas.

Understanding and Displaying Innovation will help you to position yourself for a successful Hotel Management Career, regardless of where you are working Globally and what level of your career you are at.

In my Series I considered the Critical Skills for a Hotel Manager to develop, I have already looked at Professionalism , Team-BuildingMotivation , Problem Solving , Managing Finances and Communications Management.

None of which I considered were valid without a good understanding of Technical Skills today or of course Innovation to see us through until Tomorrow …..

Next week-end I will be starting a new series looking at What I considered Important for a Hotel Supervisor …. which is slightly different surely?

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