Successful Hotel Interns and Trainee Managers turn into successful Hotel Managers and this does not happen by accident. Successful developing of in-experienced Hotel Managers is deliberate and intentional (read on or watch the video).

Quality time must be spent early on in an Intern’s development The number of hours that are spent with Interns does little to predict the Intern’s behaviour, well-being, or achievement? It’s the quality of the time spent that counts. An Intern’s Mentor should keep any interactions engaging and stimulating but not stressful.

Interns must be shown tenacity and “mental toughness”  Encouraging Interns to stick with things that are difficult or unpleasant sets them up for success later on in Hotel life. Mental toughness and a “can do” attitude are critical for Interns to have firmly in place well before reaching more senior positions.

Interns should be assigned regular tasks When Hotel Interns are given regular tasks at an early stage it cultivates in them a sense of responsibility, self-reliance and mastery. Interns given early responsibilities go on to be collaborative co-workers and become empathetic – as they are more likely to have endured struggles.

Good coping skills should be developed Interns have to be taught to manage anger, delay gratification and properly handle conflict in order to achieve success. A lack of healthy coping strategies can lead to concerns amongst Interns later on in their careers.

High expectations should be established Having realistically high expectations for Hotel Interns is essential to successful management. More often than not, Interns rise to the expectations set for them. The trick is to set the bar high enough so that interns stretch for it but keeping it in the realm of the possible and realistic.

Interns should be given practise at failing An Intern’s Mentor’s job is to manage and minimize risk – not to eliminate it. Successful mentoring involves understanding that failure is a big part of success. Successful failures assist in developing an Intern’s character, resilience and overall competence.

Social skills have to be developed In a Hotel today, successful mentoring must ensure that interns learn to be cooperative in their peer-to-peer relationships, become helpful and easily empathise with others without prompting.

And they should Practice the three “F’s” of Firm, Fair and Friendly. Consequences for unwanted behaviour should be clearly stated and any punishment should fit the crime. Harsh punishments are unnecessary. Even though the Intern has misbehaved keep the tone of the communication firm yet friendly and open.

Successful Hotel Interns turn into successful Hotel Managers and this does not happen by accident. Successful developing of Interns is deliberate and intentional.


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