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How can some Hoteliers stay focused all day long while others struggle to get their tasks done? And keep feeling safe?

Perhaps the answer lies somewhere between long practice and smart tricks? Up next, you’ll find the answer to question “How to stay focused at work?” and less likely to feel like you are ready to break down.

Incredibly Good Ways to Stay Focused in the Hotel? Tell me what you think? What are your ideas? Here are some of mine that have helped me remain Mentally Secure over the last 20 years …

KEEP An organised TO-DO LIST When reviewing your huge to-do list, break it into three structured lists: daily, weekly and monthly work. Next, organise these lists according to priorities, so that you know what needs to be done first. Each time you complete a task, cross it out.

Keep a daily PLAN Every day before starting to work on all your tasks, write down the 3 most important things you need to accomplish by the end of the day.

CREATE AN HOURLY PLAN Try scheduling all your to-do tasks hour by hour on busy days. I use note pads. You always know what to do next after finishing one task. (Writing this was in-between my “walk in the park” to clear my head and answering my emails for the last time on that day – I stuck to it)

WRITE DOWN ALL YOUR IDEAS We all get many new ideas while working during our shifts. Keep a pen and notebook close. Whenever an idea comes into your mind, write it down and return to it later. (I come up with my best ideas in the late evening or always away from my desk – I use note books and a diary)

SET DEADLINES If you feel no pressure to complete a task, you’ll take twice as much time to complete it. Set clear deadlines for all the tasks in your to-do list. By doing so, you create a sense of urgency.

ORGANISE YOUR WORK ENVIRONMENT If you have one, clean up your desk, organise your computer’s desktop, and remove un-necessary rubbish from the floor, desk and walls (I found that this helped me – it is possible even in a Hotel).

SPLIT TIME-CONSUMING TASKS Instead of tackling one huge task, break it into smaller achievable tasks that you can complete in less than one day. This way, you’ll feel more rewarded each time a part of the task gets finished. (Turn it into a project using your diary)

TAKE your BREAKS Nobody’s able to work for 12 or 16 hours straight without a single flicker of thought. It’s better to take regular breaks than to feel overwhelmed with multiple ideas and thoughts. I know it is difficult in Hotels – less so if you are organised.

TURN OFF NOTIFICATIONS at work You can’t fully focus unless you free yourself of the small cunning distractions called notifications. Go to your phone settings and do this as the first thing every shift.

and If you are a Manager….

CREATE A WORKING AREA Working effectively and efficiently requires some planning. Find a quiet place and tell other team members you’re not to be bothered with any requests when you are there. Explain nicely that you need this time to completely focus on your work.

Of – course you cannot do this if you are Duty Management or an Emergency occurs.

CHECK EMAIL – EVERY ONE TO THREE HOURS? Learn to let go. Check your email every hour instead of every 15 minutes. You can batch multiple emails and write responses at once, saving hours of time each week.

STAY AWAY FROM SOCIAL MEDIA While working on a demanding task, our minds tend to get tired. That’s when you’re tempted to check your email and social media accounts – give your brain a rest and don’t check social media during busy work hours.

KEEP YOUR PHONE OUT OF SIGHT You’re twice less likely to check your phone when it’s out of your sight. If you prefer keeping it on the table, place it behind your computer or under a notebook to reach it when needed.

FIND A COMFORTABLE CHAIR While it might seem like a small change, a comfortable chair makes a huge difference in your work performance. Sitting in a chair that doesn’t support your back will result in backaches, and you’ll get tired sooner.

LESS COFFEE, MORE WATER It might seem counter-intuitive to limit your coffee intake while working. After all, it’s supposed to equip you with extra energy. But there’s another side to the story – too much coffee can tire you out.

And finally FIND INSPIRATION Why are you working on this task? Is it just because your Manager told you to or is it because it will have a positive effect on your Hotel or Career?

Being constantly inspired in your work will also make you more optimistic about the outcome, making it easier to stay focused throughout the day.

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