Collaboration is when two or more people or Organisations, perhaps a Hotel or Hotel Departments work together to achieve something successfully – having a common aim for a certain length of time (carry on reading or watch the video).

Not all teams collaborate, but teams that do collaborate and co-operate are more likely to be successful – collaboration is an opposite of competition. Most collaboration in a Hotel, or elsewhere, would require some form of leadership.

Collaboration in Hotels could take many forms. Within Departments. Between Departments. During Shifts. Between Shifts. Within Jobs. Between Jobs. Within Industries. Between Industries. You get the idea.

Collaboration desires better communication; the recent improvement in technology has provided the world with web-based collaboration tools like blogs.

People from all over the world are able to communicate and share ideas through the internet. Collaboration can be a powerful tool towards higher achievement and increased productivity since collaboration can boost aspirations and morale.

I could not imagine a Ballet Dance without the collaboration between all of the Dancers and non-dancers involved. Nor could I imagine an Orchestra without the collaboration between all of those on the stage and many others besides.

Only the Ballet and Orchestra that achieve brilliant collaboration become the Best in the World.

And I certainly cannot imagine a successful Hotel without the collaboration between all who come into contact with it hour after hour, day after day, year after year; just like a well-rehearsed Ballet or Orchestra – creating fine art.

Only the Hotel Organisation, Hotel Department and Hoteliers that achieve brilliant collaboration become the Best in the World.

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