Hotel Customer Service and Hotel Customer Experience are NOT the same thing. The key difference between customer service and customer experience is that customer experience involves the whole customer journey, including customer service (carry on reading or watch the post).

Tips to Improve Hotel Customer Experience

Experience tell us that a happy, satisfied Hotel Customer is possibly likely to return and maybe tell others about the good experiences that they had when dealing with your Hotel. Similarly, an unhappy Hotel Customer is likely to tell others about their experiences and probably tell far more people than a satisfied Hotel Customer.

Perhaps there are some simple tips that you can use to improve your Customer Service skills to enhance your Hotel Customer’s experiences and increase their are unlikely to go far w

Listen Carefully to Your Customers. Perhaps the most important element of customer experience is simply to listen. You are unlikely to be able to help your customers effectively if you do not listen to what they are saying – and also what they are not saying but may be implying in some way. This will enable you to pull together your knowledge and ensure that you provide what the Hotel Customer needs.

Make your Hotel Customers Feel Welcome. Smiling at your Guest is the simplest, but often the most powerful tip for customer experience. Smiles are contagious. Smiles help to build rapport. This will help the customer or client to feel at ease and welcomed wherever you are providing your Service within the Hotel. You will come across as friendly and approachable, setting the scene for a positive interaction.

Communicate Clearly and use a Positive Language Mistakes in a Hotel can be expensive things to put right, so it is best to ensure that there are no misunderstandings in the Hotel. If it sounds like there might have been a misunderstanding, clarify it straight away: don’t wait until your Hotel Customer comes back to complain. Ensure your customer understands that you are trying to help them.

Never complain to a Hotel Customer about your Hotel, your organisation, your shift, how busy you are, the management, your colleagues or anything else that may lead the customer to develop negative feelings about the Hotel.

Learn about your Hotel – Be an Expert. To be able to help your customers, you need to understand your Hotel and its Services. You need to be able to answer most of your customers’ questions about the Hotel, even if the question does not relate to your usual area of work. If you don’t know the answer to a question then say so, NEVER lie or make up an answer; find somebody who does know the answer or take details and offer to get back to them. Don’t be afraid to ask the customer questions that will give you a better understanding of their needs.

Keep Your Word and Don’t Over-Promise. Only ever offer a customer or client something that you are sure you can give them. Stick to deadlines, and make sure you turn up promptly for any appointments. In other words, never make promises you cannot keep. If the situation changes, let the Hotel customer know as soon as possible and apologise for the inconvenience they may suffer as a result.

Be Memorable – For the Right Reasons. We tend to remember positive and negative experiences more vividly than average day-to-day ones.  Try to make every Hotel customer’s experience a positive one that they’ll remember and talk to others about. Be helpful, be courteous and polite, and give a little extra if possible, even if it is just some advice or extra information about the product or service they are buying or interested in buying.

Hotel Customer Experience and how every part of it is delivered, including Hotel Customer Service, can make or break a Hotel.

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