As we all know the quality of our Hotel Customer Service has an impact on both our existing Hotel Guests and the likelihood of people staying with us again in the future (carry on reading or watch the video).

80% of Hotel Companies think they deliver great service regularly, whereas only 8% of Hotel guests believe they have received great service regularly when they stay in Hotels.

Today some Hotels still do not respond to customer service emails. Often Hotels do not follow up on customers to see if they were satisfied with these responses. Still 4 out of 10 companies do not have an email address or phone number clearly visible on their website?

And what does it all mean? It means that many Hotels are still failing to meet Hotel customer expectations?

Only 30% of Hotels truly organize themselves and train their staff to deliver a superior customer experience?

But, if you deliver poor customer service, you will lose money …

When Hotel Guests have a bad experience, increasingly consumers will react by telling family and friends about their bad experience by talking about it on a social network.

Yet, more than 80% of adults are willing to pay more for a better customer experience in a Hotel.

And, it is simply that friendly customer service that has made 70% of adults really enjoy their Hotel experiences in the past.

Almost half of Hotel Guests will simply stop using a Hotel and move to a competitor within one day of having poor customer service.

This is Hotel Customer Service Reality

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