Regardless of which Department you work in; and whether you are a Worker, a Supervisor or just a Hotel Manager, everybody’s job is going to have its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (read on or watch the video)…

I am often in contact with people who clearly think that their job has more weaknesses than strengths. So, what can we do about it? Surely we cannot all swap jobs?

Start by spending some time alone (or with a friend if you would prefer) and identifying the strengths and the weaknesses you consider are linked to your current job.

Be realistic. It is a job! You get paid for doing something. You would not if it were too enjoyable. Try starting with a list of 5-6 strengths and 5-6 weaknesses. Write or type 10 to 20 words about each one.

Your job’s strengths might be the company you keep, the money you make, the food you eat. You must find 6. If you cannot you are not trying hard enough.

Your job’s weakness might be certain “activities” you carry out, the times of day you have to work or a particular area of knowledge that you consider to be poor. Be honest.

Don’t worry if it’s hard to think of your strengths and weaknesses at first.  Write down as many as you can think of and then adjust your list over the next couple of weeks.  Perhaps think about tasks you do well and others you do less well?

What’s the Point? Which-ever Industry you work in? Where-ever you work within the Hotel? Where-ever you are in your career (beginning, middle or end)? You are going to have parts of your work that you enjoy; perhaps you consider them as strengths? And you are going to have parts of your work that you do not enjoy; perhaps you are going to consider them as weaknesses? Believe me, everyone believes they have good parts and bad parts in their current work. If they do not – they are not telling the truth.

Now we agree with everyone having weaknesses, lets now do something about them. Firstly, the more you avoid your weaknesses, the harder they become. When you’ve avoided something for a long time, your weaknesses will be more severe than for someone who has tried to alter them.

Over the next month, spend an Hour for each of your Weaknesses. Now, either on your own or with your friend again, write at least 50 words focusing upon how you can improve every one of your weaknesses. This exercise is not for everybody. Take as long as you need. A week. A month. Just do it well.

Regardless of where you are in your career or your organisation you are simply trying to convert your strengths into opportunities and trying to prevent your weaknesses becoming a threat! Simply put you are carrying out your personalised S.W.O.T. analysis. I have mine pinned to my wall. I look at it and think about it every day.

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