What we are looking at today is perhaps the second consideration for any Hotel Leader in a Crisis; that we must remember that No matter how bad things are, they can always get worse …. (carry on reading or watch the video)

Yesterday we looked at what was perhaps the most important part of any crisis in a Hotel; this lesson was that our Hotel Leader must face reality. Reality starts with the person in charge.

What follows is the second of two short lessons for Hotel Leaders charged with taking their Hotels through a crisis. 

Faced with really bad news, many Hotel Leaders cannot believe that things really are so bad.

Consequently, they try to convince the bearers of bad news that things aren’t so bad. As a Result, they try to convince others that swift action can make problems go away.

This causes Hotel Leaders to under-estimate the corrective actions that are needed. They end up taking a series of small steps, none of which is powerful enough to correct the problem that the Hotel is in fact in?

So, if your Hotel crisis appears to be a financial one, restructure your cost base for the worst-case scenario, so you can get your Hotel healthy again – for the turnaround when it comes and take advantage of the opportunities that will present themselves, rather that bring in a new menu or put up the room rate.

It is far better for Hotel Leaders to anticipate the worst and for their actions to be ready for what might occur.

Good Hotel Management has been thoroughly studied, written about and is widely understood.

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