Learning and Training. What is the difference? Of-course they are linked; But it’s important for you to understand the difference between Learning and Training today … if you are to understand the Future of Training and Learning in your Hotel (carry on reading or watch the video).

Training is the giving of information and knowledge, maybe through speech, the written word or other methods of demonstration in a manner that instructs the trainee …. Learning is the absorbing of such information to increase our abilities and how to make use of them.

Learning is what we go through to be equipped for unexpected situations around the Hotel. Training focuses more on the development of new Hotel skills that will be used.

Training is more the process we go through when joining a Hotel. Learning is more about equipping a Hotelier to tackle not just today’s hotel issues but preparing them to creatively come up with ways to tackle their hotel tomorrow ….

Through Hotel Training, we are not reshaping a Hotelier, but rather teaching that employee how things are done so they can then carry out a process on their own around the Hotel.

Whatever the goals, the quality of the Learning will often rely largely on the quality of the Training, so the role of Hotel Trainer is very important as it can have a huge effect on the outcome of a course for the learner.

Of-course we can Learn through self-tuition ….

In the Future an e-learning environment will be used more for both Learning and Training around the Hotel.

Such E-learning allows employees and students to learn anywhere and at any time.

Hoteliers can learn from virtually any place with a computer or mobile device and internet connection, meaning you can study from home, on vacation or in your break?

But e-learning is more than just about convenience. As computer ownership grows. Internet connection speeds increase. Technologies such as social media are transforming learning.

E-learning is a reality and E-learning in Hotels is here to stay.

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